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Nursing education of Sri Sarada College of Nursing aim at producing a nurse motivated by the love of God and neighbour, a nurse having a mature judgment, intellectually and morally enlightened and professionally equipped so that she will be capable of giving comprehensive nursing care to the sick and injured and function efficiently in programmes of social health and preventive medicine. In a word, the aim of our nursing education is to develop in the students a comprehensive spirit of scientific understanding of the art, science and the spirit of nursing.

The faculty of Sri Sarada College of Nursing believes that nursing is a profession by which we collaborate with other health professionals in helping individuals, families and society to prevent illness, to maintain and promote optimum health, recovery and rehabilitation from illness or disability and assist people to have a peaceful death in case of terminal illness. We also believe that the nursing is a profession, which necessitates prompt updating of knowledge and skills in specialized clinical areas to render quality services and maintain collaboration with other health professionals.

The nursing education should be broad based, dynamic and adaptive in integrating the learning, thus equipping the graduates with the knowledge, skill and attitude to render professional nursing care to the people of all ages in a variety of settings.